Miadolla® is a Russian brand of sets for the manufacture of toys. The Miadolla® range features sets of different levels of complicity: for beginners and experienced sewers. Miadolla® designers create original designs for sets: interior toys, organizers, dolls, and are not going to stop at this point. Each finished Miadolla® toy has its own character and nice peculiarities that make it unique and attractive.

The collection of sets features two versions of component parts: in a handbag with a handle and in an A5 bag with buttons. The handbag includes all the necessary materials for the manufacture of a toy: a detailed step by step instruction manual with pictures, pattern, fabrics, accessories, needles for sewing, filler, as well as sewing thread, which can be used both for hand sewing and for sewing on the machine. Nothing has to be purchased additionally.

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